Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Service

In lieu of our monthly newsletter we thought we would expound on our business in a different way and inform you about other aspects of our jobs.  We always support our local law enforcement because with out them that blanket of security that we must have, would be a lot thinner!
This week while at an evening meeting we received a call from a detective that we had worked with previously and he had some questions about a mysterious substance that he discovered in vehicle and the conversation went as follows:
Detective: Judd, this is Detective so and so, do you remember me?
Judd: Of course what can I help with?
Detective: We discovered something in a car and I remember an email you sent to the narcotics task force and I have some questions.
Judd: Shoot.
Detective: We found a one liter plastic bottle with a sludge in the bottom.  Is this what I think it is?
Judd: One or two liter plastic the caps have holes drilled in them?
Detective: Yes
Judd: Let me guess- you found plastic tubing as well?
Detective: Sure did.
Judd: Is there more than one bottle?
Detective:  Yes.
Judd: Does it have chalky residue?
Detective: With a laugh he says "What are you standing over my shoulder?!"
Judd: If you think its shake and bake Meth-it is. You can run chemical analysis but I guarantee its meth.
When we talk with large groups its very hard to cover every aspect of our jobs but this scenario is a great example of what Winchester Crime & Trauma is all about.  Not only do we handle body fluid bio-hazards we also have extensive knowledge in chemicals; what many do not know is that making meth is very dangerous as it can become very combustible if not properly ventilated.   The above example is the latest way of producing meth; this has quickly become a problem as it can be made almost anywhere making it challenging for local law enforcement to catch the culprits and often the remaining residue is thrown from the car onto city streets and sidewalks where now anyone can come across this potentially dangerous residue.