Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Day at the Office

You’re sitting at your desk, working on another spreadsheet, and your mind begins to wander. You’re thinking about the vacation you’re still trying to schedule, how the kids are doing at school and how you’re going to get home in time to go to the football game. Then you realize you’re going to have to eat lunch at your desk again today because the boss needs the data done by the end of the day. While you have a good job and are making a living, you realize that the exciting career you thought you were going to have is still out there. Maybe tomorrow you’ll look into it again…

Meanwhile, our phone rang at 2AM. It was a property manager who’s just gone thru one of the most traumatic experiences she’ll hopefully ever have to deal with. Her voice was shaky as she asked if she’s reached Winchester. After we reassured her that we are Winchester, she asked if we can come out to the apartment complex immediately. “There’s been an incident”.

We arrived on scene 30 minutes later. While the ambulance and police had recently departed, evidence of their visit was fresh. The discarded bandage wrappings, the pool of blood by the entrance…it all points to the tragedy that’s occurred inside.

The property manager met us on the sidewalk, briefly explained that the tenant tried to commit suicide and the informed us the police had cleared the scene. She asked if we can enter and let her know what needs to be done, politely refusing our offer to have her accompany us. We set down our safety bags and began the process of donning our personal protective equipment before we entered. The biohazard suit, the nitrile gloves, the shoe covers, the duct tape to seal all seams, the face shields and heavy outer gloves…all part of the protections we take because we know this scene is heavily contaminated.

And so began another “day at the office”.