Friday, September 10, 2010

Why Choose Winchester?


The crime scene cleanup industry has many rules but little oversight. There are currently companies operating throughout the nation and our local area that are not properly licensed or qualified to perform biohazardous waste removal and transport. Make sure the company you contract with is legally operating in your area!

Winchester Crime and Trauma Recovery possesses ALL required licenses and meets and exceeds OSHA, EPA, and WDNR standards for cleaning, transporting, and disposing of biohazardous and HAZMAT material.

Failure to properly clean up a crime or death scene can have serious consequences, with both legal and civic liability. The health and safety of those involved can be at risk. Whether it is the workers charged with performing the cleanup, the residents or tenants occupying the location following the event, or the property owners who must deal with all the repercussions of a traumatic event, the risk is too high to have the work done improperly.

In accordance with Wisconsin State Statutes and OSHA Regulations, an improperly cleaned property can present a viable human health hazard. According to Wisc. Stat. 254.01(2) a "human health hazard" means a substance, activity or condition that is known to have the potential to cause acute or chronic illness, to endanger life, to generate or spread infectious diseases, or otherwise injuriously to affect the health of the public. Improperly or un-remediated biohazard or HAZMAT incidents present these conditions.

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